Arias instructed 15 year olds to get fake ID’s, visitors now banned

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, citing various violations of jail video visitation policies, has banned ten of inmate Jodi Arias’ most regular visitors. “In her thirst for adoration and attention, Arias is willing to corrupt these young girls, all to satisfy her own narcissism. That needs to stop,” Arpaio says. The ban went into effect at the close of business on Tuesday.

Arpaio says he may expand the ban to all non-legal video visits to Arias because of some information that has come to light from his jail Intel/monitoring team, who reported that Arias has been seen instructing the 15 year olds as to how to get false IDs in order to continue the visits.

The team reported to Arpaio that recently parents of two 15 year old girls from Ohio caught the girls video visiting Arias for no reason other than their fixation with the high profile inmate. The parents prohibited the girls from continuing contact with her.

The banned ten were not only regular visitors to the high profile inmate but are also responsible for assisting Arias in her prolific use of social media.

Arpaio says the ten visitors who no longer can visit with Arias are being banned for violations such as using cell phones for photographic purposes and/or using other people’s names/accounts in order to gain access to Arias. One of those being banned is a video visitor from Greece. He is using a false ID to gain access to her.

One person on the banned list, for example, is a convicted felon who circumvented the video visitation system by using another person’s name.

Last week, Arpaio denied media interviews of Arias. He said, “Jodi Arias has been in our jail for seven years. A comprehensive report of the history of her behaviors and activities while in our custody is in progress. Upon reviewing the report it notes that she craves media attention and continues to seek out ways to attract that attention. I will not allow her to play that game and will deny any media interviews with her. Arias is a convicted killer, and her 15 minutes of fame are over.”

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